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Desert Concepts is a locally owned and operated business with several hundred dedicated employees located in the Coachella Valley. Desert Concepts has a License with several classes including A, B, C-8, C-10, C-16, C-23, C-27, C-33, C-36; in order to provide efficenet, reliable, quality service to our customers. The founder and owner of the firm, Julio Castro visits each job site regularly and takes personal pride in the company’s accomplishments. Desert Concepts consists of two distinct divisions; landscape maintenance and construction.


The construction division is known by local developers and government officials as the "go-to" vendor for the ability to meet hard deadlines for paver, concrete and architectural stone projects. Each project is staffed with employees who are trained as the very best in their respective trade and supplied with first-rate equipment. This commitment provides customers with the very best in service and quality.



Landscape Maintenance:

The landscape division offers a complete solution for homeowner associations, commercial accounts, developers, property owners and public agencies seeking landscape construction and maintenance services.

Each site is assigned a veteran supervisor who is assigned to oversee all site operations. Standing with the site supervisor is a trained contingent of employees include trained arborists (ISA Certified), certified irrigation specialists (CAIS), trained insecticide specialists as well as pruning and landscape experts. The staff is skilled, well trained and has little turnover.

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